Manufacturing mechanical fastening tools for professional woodworking since 1984.

Our constant innovation translates into continuous improvements and technological advancements, while our regularly upgraded production cycle guarantees the creation of high-precision and customized tooling solutions with remarkable processing flexibility.

Utensile AMS
Fresa AMS

We engineer specialized tooling solutions, tailored to your needs.

Fresa AMS

We engineer specialized tooling solutions, tailored to your needs.

Our customized machining can offer tailor-made solutions that optimize your working process while guaranteeing maximum cutting precision.
Our close collaboration with certification bodies and periodic inspections guarantee maximum quality and safety.

By your side,
at every step.

We engineer, build and test all of our tools.
Our solutions undergo continuous upgrades that ensure tool quality and efficiency and retain their value over time.
Our timely repair and maintenance service keeps downtime to a minimum in the event of damage or upgrades.

The A.M.S. key: an innovative solution

The A.M.S. key: an innovative solution

In order to guarantee greater hold and speed, our blades are equipped with a self-positioning frontal fixing.
Additionally, the internal key offers greater safety and practicality, guaranteeing balance during the disassembly and reassembly of the tool.
What others call innovation, we call tradition.

Attention and care for the environment.

We have always taken care of the environment, doing so at every stage of the production process.
We know that a good window or door frame can reduce carbon emissions produced by heating by 50%. For this reason our tools are designed to the most exacting technical standards, thus enabling the design of environmentally friendly wooden doors and windows. Our entire production process aims to preserve the environment: our headquarters is powered by renewable energy using a next-generation photovoltaic system.

Scanning and profiling
of planer knives.

Our technology allows us to create the ideal profile by scanning the sample and restoring any damaged areas. We supply all types of planer knives on request, such as CrV planer knives, Cr 13% planer knives, HSS 18% planer knives, HSS 18% PLUS planer knives, HM planer knives, planer knives for TERSA System, CentroLock, CentroFix, Terminius, VariPlan, Sinus, Enshin and Bulldozer.

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Our administrative and production headquarters are located in Mori in Trentino Alto-Adige.
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